PC Build Logs #4 78 USD Computer

Build random ke 4. Menghadirkan board random dari Asus dengan chipset G31 dan FSB 1600 (oc). Asus P5KPL-AM EPU. Harga Rp 250.000,-


Board random.

Procie Intel® Pentium® Processor E2200  (1M Cache, 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB). Harga Rp 25.000,- LOL Lumayan lah udah dual core.

Fan Scorpion King. Harga Rp 40.000,-

Memory DDR2 1 GB x 2 (Merek Campur). Harga Rp 100.000,-

Hard Disk 40 GB IDE, bekas PC 478 yang udah nggak mau booting. Harga Free

Casing + PSU ecek-ecek. Harga Rp 70.000,-


Case & PSU random.

Monitor LG 16″ Second. Harga Rp 400.000,-


Monitor LG 16″

Yang terakhir, Mouse Keyboard Genius Standar. Harga Rp. 140.000,-

TOTAL BUILD Rp. 1.025.000,- (US$ 78)

*1 USD = 13.000 IDR (November 2016)


End of Build


I am Back from The Dead, Bit*h

So, this motherboard was lying around inside my closet for about five month, because I though it was broken. Then a few days ago I tried to power it again. Aaanddd.. It’s come back to life. *feels so good* XD Actually I don’t know why that happen but I am so happy, because I don’t have to buy another motherboard for my next build. Yihaaaa!!!


My old ASUS motherboard.

Thanks for reading my random article. LOL